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  1. Just as a follow-up - I was able to download and install 4.09 today and it launches with no issue. Same laptop that 4.06 would not install on. Must be gremlins.
  2. HA! I found the reg keys to re-enable Windows update, bypassing our WSUS server. SUCK IT, IT! Of course...there's 106 important updates (32 for Win7, most of the rest for Office) ( @ 1.6GB) required including one for Lync (our internal IM client) that need applied. What exactly are they blocking them for, and who is managing/approving our WSUS updates? Geez. ANYWAY, I'll get these rolling when I get home tonight and see if that changes the outcome of the 4.06 install and report back.
  3. I've seen a couple other people post here now with the "Attempted to read or write protected memory" error. Odd. At least 4.05 still works for everything I need to do. FYI- I installed 4.06 on my fresh W10 install at home with no problem. Edit - Just installed the latest nVidia drivers for my specific laptop GPU, and no improvement...4.06 still gives the same error, 4.05 launches just fine. I've got 16GB of RAM. Visual Studio and all other apps run without a problem. Very peculiar... <strokes beard>
  4. Well, unfortunately, I don't have control of Windows Updates - those are managed by IT. I can't even check for updates even though I have local admin. They've got it locked out VIA GPO. I assume they are up to date. I just find it odd that I can install PDN 4.05 with no problem. Anyway, here's the crash log. I had to rename it to .txt as the forum doesn't allow .log file attachments. Thanks, Seth pdncrash.1.txt
  5. Hello- I've been using paint.net 4.05 since release with no problems. I let it auto-update to 4.06 on close today and then it would no longer run. I uninstalled and downloaded the installer directly. It installed but wouldn't run. I uninstalled, rebooted, and installed again, still no joy. Uninstalled and went back to 4.05 (I had saved the installer), and it came right up. Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1 Error message capture below. The message references corrupt memory, hence the reboot. Thanks for the years of releases and a fantastic product Rick!
  6. ::sniff:: I. Love. You. Man. Thank you and Rick for everything you've done for Paint.net!
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