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  1. :) I agree that the browsers don't help the situation. Firefox 3.1 b2 shows the PNG file as a darker red than IE (the various paint programs do not have that problem with the PNG).

    So I still think there is room for improvement in Paint.net since the PNGs that can be created are being displayed differently in the various browsers (not Paint.net's fault) and the JPGs created lose accuracy/quality. I'm calling it an improvement since other paint programs have found a way to deal with it.

    I'm including screen shots how how two others handle it with no loss of quality (their JPG save options).



  2. I use Paint.net a bunch and love it.

    Today I ran into an odd thing though... I was editing an existing JPG image and was doing some cropping to it and then saving the cropped image. I noticed that the new image was losing significant quality. I have quality set to 100%. Any ideas?

    I'm attaching two pictures to demonstrate the issue. One is a portion of the image that I'm starting with, the other is a capture showing how the save operation loses quality... the most obvious portion is the fairly bright red horizontal line in the picture (ends up looking much dimmer in the new image).



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