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  1. There is a folder in Documents called Paint.NET User Files, I was referring to that. Got it thanks a lot :oops:
  2. Look in the first post, there are instructions on how to enable it. Are you saving as a GIF or an APNG? I am saving as an AGIF. Tried to install the APNG file "japng.jar" to "Paint.net File Types" folder but apng doesn't show-up as a save option. I don't seem to have a "Paint.net user files" folder? I am using v3.36
  3. This is great and works well for me. I just have one question, When I try to save a transparent background it is saved as a black background. Am I doing something wrong :? or is this a bug, If a bug I hope you'll be able to fix . Thanks for a cool plugin
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