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  1. Like.. 7.5/10 I like the color, just the 'swoosh'ing makes me want to have a seizure..
  2. I'm thinking you guys are the people outside my window at night.. =( >_> <_< .. Sheesh, No one say's Welcome anymore these days
  3. Shh.. I was nevah here.. Anyways, I don't know what you call a member who joined sometime ago, but never posted.. O.o I'll call me.. new? Ok, Well, Let's See, What to talk about.. Oh yes, I know HTML, CSS, some Javascript.. never tried PHP >.> I play soccer, I messed up my toe like.. 6 months ago, and it's almost good now I play in my school's orchestra, Viola. Uhh.. I lurv PDN? O_O I can also draw.. ._.
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