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  1. ok basically the rules are normal, theme is, image you're designing a front book cover for a book "World War X" Obviously it has to be simple. good luck all.
  2. Okay hi all, thank you for looking at this, I hope I've posted this in the right section. Basically I'm righting a book, and I was wondering if someone could make me a cover for it, being not to good at pdn myself. The name of the book is: WORLD WAR X what's in it for you, you ask? Well on the back of my book your name will be printed. Thank you for paying attention. Also, seeing as I am considering being an author, if anyone has any ideas or inspiration for books, please post them, that'd be really helpful. Thanks to all, PureSkill
  3. kk ty for advice and lol yeah i see that too, i think i will get to work on a sig and avatar, and speaking of which, i really like yours. btw i have made this, using this tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=27493
  4. :shock: OMG sry guys i just realised that i didnt save a pdn type, so i only saved the flattened image. <"idiot!" "idiot!" "idiot!" > oh well, to semi make up for it ill post this: it was based on an image of a guitar i found here: http://www.infovisual.info/04/032_en.html oh and @cola: ty for all the advice ill remember that when i try to recreate it, and the base image can be found here: http://www.redlionstalis.com/Image/Menu ... 0table.jpg
  5. a) so if i rename this topic to "PureSkill's images" then it will be OK? ty for advice i will try that and post in 2 mins...
  6. ok here it is ive feathered it, made a light, and added a highlight and some shadows.
  7. ok thanks for the advice and the quick reply, i realise that now. When i get round to it i will edit it and post the change
  8. Hi everyone, this is only my second post, i have been using pdn for 2 weeks now. what do you think of this pool table? i know, the centre pockets should be lower down, but oh well. please tell me what you think. PureSkill
  9. ash i have to say, you're a genius. im not just talking about this tutorial, i mean generally in pdn. I doubt that anyone can hope to match your awesomeness.