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  1. he was talking to me but thx for the comments
  2. My current signature: Previous signatures of mine: ^I liked it but no one else did - too blurry apparently^ Other signatures: ^Third attempt - I was testing some new method for signature for runedragonel^ ^Second attempt with better colours/font for runedragonel^ ^Made a new sig with a new effect i downloaded - i quite like it :-) ^First ever userbar with many adjustments - font needs to be smaller^ ^Second userbar but i never edited out the bad blur on font - might change one day if i can be bothered^ ^Made for my ranger bro^ gazillions new ones
  3. ooooh milosh can you explain to me how you did that because im looking to make some abstract designs on some sig
  4. very easy and very effective good job
  5. just to let you know that i adapted your method into my own what do you think?
  6. not too bad - this makes me think of the many things i can do to it
  7. if you really want to stop the text from being blurry you should already know that you can turn off Anti alias the button is right by the fill selection in the font bar becuz kemaru is rite!!! hope you understand - this is what one of my userbars looked like (not using this tutorial tho) that animated version without glow < before i resized the font like the animated on
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