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  1. Vista and firefox browse I've still got the explorer on my pc
  2. Thanks all for the info. Once I've sorted myself with unzipping plug-ins I can get experimanting with the grafics but at the monent I can't do anything. thanks again
  3. I have found it and done exactly what you had said but it is zipped how do I unzip it please. cos it's saying this file cannot be found on the pc.
  4. I got that from here I had to send for the code so i can install it on my pc. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22819[/url] that's the address I got it from. I also tried to download a feather plug-in I can't even get that too. It's so annoying when you want something and you can't get it.
  5. I have a problem again sorry. I wanted the boltbait pak so I deided to download it but your needed a Code number for installing it so I did that and now I can't find it anywhere on my pc. I had a look on the install programmes and it's not there. I had bought it which I send SMS from my mobile which gave me the code number in reply. I had notice on my other thread that Boltbait had metioned you can get plug-ins by going to effects menu and look for sparse what is that I haven't got that at all Just a list of different effects you can use. Please help as I like to sort this pak out thanks Lorri.
  6. Can please some one explain to me what are plugins as I don't really understand them and why do we need them. Sorry for the stupid question. I like to learn more what you can do on paint.Net
  7. Thank you ash for your help. As a novice I need all the help I can get thanks again Once I've done that what do I do mext please Ash. On the lest of layouts these only one picture Should be like that!
  8. Hi I'm in a dilemma, I have a question for you and hope some one can help me. Once you cut out an object from a photo how can you transfer it onto another one, I can't seem to find a thread that tells me this how it's done.
  9. Hi all! I have been searching high and on the net for laying creation and at last I had found what I've been looking for plus I need very detailed tutorials to help me along, Now I can design my own stuff thanks to Paint,Net and the forums. As a learner I will be asking questions how to do this and that Love Lorraine x
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