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  1. Thank you I had done another one and saved it in png.
  2. Ego I have found the heart symbol. Thank you very much for your help also the others too. I'm a happier woman now
  3. Yes I'm able to do those the things but I can't get the heart icon. It's because I don't have that pacific icon on that list. I also downloaded a icon plug in from here, I done the necessaries but also no heart symbol.
  4. Ego I've tried many times and still nothing. I've just comr from and tried again and still nothing. I even tried holding the ALT key press the Y and again nothing. Thanks Oma, Oma hasn't it dosen't exist just had a look. Thanks for helping anyway.
  5. I haven't got a heart icon thats listed on the fonts just a shape that looks like a shield plus I hold the ALT key and nothing comes up on the canvas Where am I going wrong
  6. OO yes something like that thanks, I didn't know you can use the texttool for other stuff apart from adding text to your designs, thanks again
  7. Hello all! I was wondering if anybody can give me some assistance and info about getting 3D hearts plug-ins please. I have search on google for this and had not been sucessful in the searching. lorri
  8. Hi all. I'm the shy one, I'm very new to this so please be gentle with me. I joined Paint.NET only a few weeks be precise 3 three weeks. At first I wouldn't put any of my art pieces in, cos It's so pathetic to compare to all you lot. so I had the courage to put a couple in but I'm still very shy in asking questions and advise about things. I've always wanted to do art work on the pc and search on google for free software nothing had suited me till I came across this one which I'm very please I had found it. lorri sorry no sig yet
  9. You mean having to save the background as transparent? I did try to save it in the png file and the white background is still there! Thanks for the tip.
  10. I did that by using the Shape 3D and polar inversion plus, repeating that three times and came up with this.
  11. Thank you the more I come on here to learn and the more I try to do new stuff. Thank you Paint,NET to give me the opportunity to stat a hobby
  12. Hi this is what I've been to with my very first Paint.NET design it was easy to do and I'm proud of what I had done. Other reason why I have't been on here is me learning more about Panit.NET, I won't put anything on here till I'm comfortable to put anything in now that I am , I hope you will like them well this is it my first. I'll called this a xmas decoration. Also done this one too.
  13. Hi Guys there's one I had notice on here there isn't a tut that tells you how to use the gradient tool properly. Can some one do a tut on this, You can use a verbal or video, as there are many novices like myself don't really know how to use this tool properly. This is not a demanding thread I was just asking if some one is able to do one for me and other novices please. Thanks lorri
  14. Hi all as I was search for new stuff to do with Paint.NET and I came across the Kiost Orbs tut and I wanted the drop shadow tool or plug-in. Dose anybody know where I can get that from please. I would like to put stuff in the orb as I need that tool to finish the orb/s off. Thanks Lorri
  15. Thank you it will give me more things to play with
  16. Not yet KJ but will do soon I hope. I still didn't find that OS on this thing as yet so I download Jzip which a friend told me to do. Janettsue I'm glad I'm not the only one who dosen't understand these pcs
  17. Yippee I've unzipped the file. I'm a happy bunny now. Just to let you know what's been happening with the unzipping
  18. I'm sorry KJ I can't seem to find that file to unzip it. I've got my mate coming round tomorrow he's a cumputer expert e dose it for aliving we can sort it out then, Thank you for helping me
  19. KJ do you mean the arrows at the top of the screen if so I did clicked on there and no other files were there. I don't know where I could find the OS file on the pc. The only file I could see was NOS and IOS. I don't want to give this up using paint.NET is easy to follow plus there's loads of info how to do the art work.
  20. Thank you KJ I have a go and see what happens
  21. Bob please explain this how, where to get this info and I it feels like I'm not getting anywhere this that's I feel as if I want to stop sorting it out. You all been a great help to me and I do appreciate this truly I do
  22. Ninoeman I had found this on here http://www.boltbait.com/pdn/codelab/ Just click on to it and see what you think. Bob I had tried the troubleshooter and the effects file saying empty and I still can't unzip the feather plug-in which I had downloaded. I think I'll give it up as a bad job thanks anyway
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