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  1. I didn't use the last drivers, i had to use an older version of it. Im using version 5.05 Im using a Wacom Volito 2 on Vista. I have it working but it took me ages to get the correct driver
  2. PdN3 (latest version) - Open PdN, u will see a new image - Close image by using CTRL+W (same as File -> Close) - Press CTRL+W again, PdN closes (same as File --> Exit)
  3. sry bout that I managed to get it working after installing many drivers But i have another question, can somebody give me some tips to learn how to handle that pressure? Right now if i press it i get a black colored canvas.
  4. Hi, I bought a Wacom Volito2 and i can use it in Windows (Vista) but the problem is that in P.Net i can't make it draw thicker lines (using brush) if i press the pen harder on the tablet, so it looks like its not pressure sensitive. I have the latest drivers from wacom. The tablet and pen work fine just not the pressure sensitive thing. Windows Vista Homa Premium all updates P.Net 3.36.3158.38068 Anyone have a suggestion how to fix this? ps. i searched and read the threads regarding drawing tablets thanks
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