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  1. Erm, i've just created this account of mine, and i would like to request that this account of mine to be destroyed and closed down, including connections with my e-mail address. Is it possible for the administrator to do it for me? I apologize sincerly for creating this account. I just feel that looking through the forum to search for my doubts would be wasting a lot of my time and since the rules don't allow me to post questions that have been posted before, i just feel that maybe i do not need to participate here anymore. I just don't want to have my account banned or what due to posting questions that have been posted before. I therefore request this account of mine to be closed down, together with any connections to my email address. If the Admin. is unable to do so or closing this account is not allowed please send me a notification e-mail that i'm unable to close my paint.net account. Lots of Thanks.
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