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    nintendo (main ones i like are mario,link,pokemon, and kirby sires)

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  1. Granted, but the sun was too hot and melted you I wish Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter will come out sooner! :shock:
  2. [60] John Watson, Sherlock Holmes' sidekick (Elementary!) [65] Luigi, Mario's jumping buddy [5] Navi, a thorn in Link's side [70] Obélix, Astérix's Roman-hating compatriot [60] Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's magical friend [55] Sam Gamgee, Frodo Baggins' gardener [55] Woodstock, Snoopy's birdbrained friend I like Navi, But i hate her at the same time
  3. Remote Controll? When you see a car comming at you...
  4. Epic with Mario in it and i like the way you used the Grudgeing style (...or however you spelled it) 9/10 (P.S. i just made my Sig today so its kinda weird looking XD )
  5. Granted, But then the world exploded I wish I was a better artist
  6. a what??? i wish that people will stop making fun of some nintendo characters >.< IF YOU ANSWER THIS ONE, PLZ ANSWER Gamer_World14's TOO
  7. ^ never heard of him < is watching my brother die in a game v is excited for St. Patricks day
  8. granted, but in one episode, he died i wish i had a new DS
  9. Powdered (WT????) 3D movie or 3D game?
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