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    nintendo (main ones i like are mario,link,pokemon, and kirby sires)
  1. XD thats my name! btw nice text effect, ill try it sometime ^^
  2. siren625: i think you should of made the links more lighter cause i cant see them very well but the rest is good
  3. um... when i used the effects lab plugin, it keeps on saying the plugin has an error in it :?
  4. (this one was for someone) (this is also for someone) all my sigs so far (i know its small, it was for deviantART) (same for this) some of my avatars
  5. i really dont know what to call this, but its kinda wierd :?
  6. http://fc04.deviantart.com/fs39/f/2008/ ... e10001.gif my first try at it, i like it a lot tho ^^ EDIT: http://fc77.deviantart.com/fs40/f/2009/ ... e10001.gif heres anouther one i did :o
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