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  1. yea, i was a little overambitous. I tried to make a fire effect along with it, ended up i accidentally did some layers slightly differently from others, resulting in a lot of trying to fix lighting and colors. i also did the same lightning thing as the guy a few posts up, though i didn't do it intentionally ^pic is thumbnail btw
  2. ^ok ill look into that. still a great plugin considering that it actually lets me make use of my extensive gif collection.
  3. ok, this looks really cool, but im still a newb and im not exactly sure how this should work. can you add layers and thus add more frames in the gif? can you make your own gif? can you edit multiple layers at a time in order to add effects to the gif? or am i just dreaming and getting way ahead of myself here? Edit: umm, is it even possible to open an animated gif and save it somewhere else as the same animated gif? im guessing i totally over estimated the destiny of the plugin, and that it was only meant to be able to extract specific frames from gifs. which is actually pretty cool but still, i wanted to add effects to gifs
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