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  1. i have problems downloading this pack.... im a kid and my dad installed norton parental control that blocks me the site hot.ee or somethinglike that for Sex/Acts reasons please put another mirror i cant convince my dad to let me download that... he says im goin to get something weird :shock:
  2. XD i dont really know what this have to do with plants but anyway its really cool... I Love it! Its Awesome!
  3. o.o i want to but i was not able to find em.. just the grunge texture... is that the only other one? if now may i have a link to them :D btw made another sig xD
  4. what do u mean "with your handle"? sorry im dumb, my main language is not english
  5. This TUT is the BEST SIG TUT EVER!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! and i love this sigs... i made mine-- sorry that i had to watermarck it... someone stole it from me on another forum i posted it... and i dont want this happends again. thanks for the tutorial its awesome!