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  1. Part of the reason for picking the pictures which bared a male chest and the legs of a female; is to best show the realism and depth of change between a basic Avatar; and the redone photographs. When looking at the clothing, there does not seem to be much of a difference; it is in the tone of the skin and the definition that is rendered. How that is racy I don't understand; has no child or adult worn shorts or been outside while their father mows the yard? Never been to a beach? Worn a sundress? Heck even President Obama has been plastered across the news on the beaches of Hawaii .. *gasp* shritless and in shorts! A female's legs and a male chest, is offensive? What of these pics .. they are on this site, unlocked, unremoved and without issue.
  2. Down - Thank you very much for the tips, I'll go through the other tuts. to get a better grip on the tools available and of which you mentioned. It doesn't seem quite so overwhelming, when you have a starting point!! Oma - That was sarcasm, I hope? LOL Everyone is well covered up! Except the male; but who hasn't seen a bared, male chest? Have a great rest of your weekend, to all those who've cared to help in a constructive and kind fashion.
  3. Obviously what one considers appropriate, versus another, is going to vary significantly. I used what I thought to be tasteful; a bathing suit snapshot, one with a bared midriff and hint of bottom bosom but nothing explicit; and a third one, which probably did cross a line. So, without further ado, let me see if these are more acceptable.
  4. In SecondLife, the newest sensation is making basic "pasty" avatar pictures, come "alive" - by the use of photo programs. Any idea of how this is accomplished? I've attached two "REAL" photos versus one "undone," pic.
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