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  1. Ah, I just found the issue. It is my single PDN file. It is corrupt I guess.
  2. Hey Pat, I understand the merge layers option is supposed to 'merge' layer selected with the layer before it. I use it all the time. What I am saying is that I have layer 1 (with an image on the left with the rest of that layer being transparent), then I have layer two (with an image on the right with the rest of the layer being transparent) and when I select layer 1 and merge with layer two... all I am left with is layer 1 with the image on the left INSTEAD of images on both the left and the right due to the other side of each layer being transparent. A good example: Create two layers. -On layer 1 (top) place a large 'A' on the left. -On layer 2 (bottom) place a large 'B' on the right. (Make sure you can see both characters while having both layers active) Them merge layer 1 with layer 2. You should then have a single layer with BOTH 'A' and 'B' as shown with both layer being active. Problem is that when I do the above... I am left with only layer 2 'B' being shown instead of both 'A' and 'B'. Thank you for keeping up with this program Pat, it is great! Thank you and God bless, Johnathan
  3. Hello, I have several layers and I am trying to merge two of them together. I have one layer on top of the other. When I highlight the top layer, then click the Merge Layers button on the Layers Window... only the bottom layer is left. The same happens if I use the Layer Menu Item on the menu bar. Microsoft .Net 3.5 SP1 is installed. Thank you, Johnathan
  4. Rick, Thank you very very much for clearing that up. It makes perfect sense. I understand what it means to be the only one working on a project.... and people are asking for updates and new code. It is very stressful. I work on developing websites so I do understand from a developer POV. It does surprise me that no one else is working with you on the project. The Windows side of things I mean. Further more that no one is working on the Linux port. Maybe I can see about getting some people to get involved. I would think that those who actually want to program would offer their services. Thank you and God bless, Johnathan
  5. ?!?!? I am confused... socialism... nah... I was meaning a giving nation... we are a giving nation... obviously we need to get paid for everything... that is part of capitalism... but we do give a as well. It is part of being Americans... yes United States of America... Americans... to get paid for our work... but to also give. Wow, i wasn't meaning for this to be insulting et al... let alone make you think I was trying to insult anyone or anything... I have been on the site a ton of times... given not much on the blog... but still... Honestly to me it seems insulting to think that I was trying to insult anyone or anything. Instead of just asking a question. On the blog and such of what I have read... I see this unending desire to say no to Linux. So I psoted. So, you're response: it is insulting to ask my question and to read your blog instead of getting answer?
  6. Will that suffice? So that is the reasoning? I still think part of my question is viable... the part about why it is closed for anyone else to do the coding and other just monitor.
  7. Hey, I love using Paint.NET. It is a great program. I suggest it to everyone who uses Photoshop or who likes Photoshop. Several of my friends have actually converted because it is more versatile with plug ins and such. And if I new the programming language I would participate. I did use Windows. It was easy and most of my sysadmin experience is in Windows Platforms. But I've switched. Mostly because I was tired of having to buy a new OS every several years, I moved to Ubuntu 9.10. I like it and it works well. I can get most anything to work on it... change anything I want... and a plethora of software is available and free... a truly American OS if you ask me... except Paint.NET doesn't work. This was no surprise. Still working on getting this... well... working. Because I love using it. Yes Paint.NET is free... but Windows isn't. I don't want to continue with the price tag to continue running Paint.NET. This i nothing against Paint.NET BTW... you can run it on whatever OS you want. I just hate to have to switch to another, non-user friendly, less intuitive alternative. All that is related to my question.... my question is this... What is this fervour to not allow a port to Linux? Mac I can understand to some degree.... but Linux? It is strictly because Rick, yourself, wants to control the core source code and not allow anyone the ability to write a version in Linux or any other OS? Or is it because you don't want anyone else messing with it? Because of it your baby... just a metaphor. Or is it just that you are tired of all the Linux questions? On that same note; wouldn't it be a good thing that others are wanting to use Paint.NET? It would seem to me that if a large amount of people want to use Paint.NET in Linux, that it would be nothing but a good thing for Paint.NET to have a port to Linux. You can easily assign people to write the code for the port. So you don't have to be completely away from the source code, but at the same time allow others to write the port. All you have to do is monitor it. More publicity as a 'good Samaritan' as to allow multiple platforms to run your great software. I saw your posting about making 'some' of the code available from the newer 3.5 version available to others. But you seemed pretty serious about not letting anyone touch the source code to create a working version in anything but Windows. I just don't understand why it is such a bad thing. Thank you and God bless, Johnathan
  8. Hey everyone, I do not know if this is available yet... maybe a new feature in newer versions? I want to add affects/adjustments to the 'Tools' window that is off to the side: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/ToolsWindow.html Can this be done? I've got several effects/adjustments I use regularly and I'd love to have easier access to them rather then going through the menu system. Thank you and God bless, Johnathan
  9. Thanks for the reply Vectawr... can you direct me to the right tut?
  10. Hey everyone, So I was wondering... I am wanting to make a logo for a group that I am in. But I wanted to make an official looking logo. You know all of the government departments have their own logos with their department name surrounding their emblem... can that be done in Paint.net without having to move each individual letter and rotating them? Is there a plugin for this? I figured this would have to be done in two parts... the top and then bottom. Thank you and God bless, Johnathan
  11. @OMA, First off, sorry about not seening the 'i' in 'ciao'... been looking at the screen for 8 hours straight today... pixels are blending together... Second, that is pretty much what I am doing... I work for a company that supports airlines and airports. And we have this system that we use to save everyone money... a multi-use system environment... MUSE. Anyway, we create our own graphics, buttons background, etc... Previous users were using Photoshop. I found P.N and it is awesome. I consider it a free replacement of photoshop... from what I've seen/found it can do everything that photoshop can... AND IT IS FREE! Anyway, I have one PDN file with ALL of the airline logos in it along with several button background images. I select what button I want then multiple the airline image over it then save it of (flattened) as another file. Easiest way I can find with what I've got. God bless, Johnathan PS: Great minds think alike... sometimes it is hard to find those great minds in a sea of 'not so smart' ones.
  12. @clao, Yeah I have been doing that... found out to be the only work around... just was wanting something easier. If you have a multiple layered PDN file with over 100 layers... it can certainly bog your system down... so any cut of seconds that you can shave off saves a lot of time. Curious though... tried this and it doesn't work... is I copy an image in explorer... why when you paste it in PDN does it not see the image? it gives an error instead... Anyway to have that work? God bless, Johnathan PS: OMA... that's funny, that is what my mother wants my kids to call her... 'Oma' Grandma in German.
  13. @Myrddin... greetings, Thank you very much for your assistance and advice on my previous post as well as this one... If you have over 100 layers in one PDN file... and you drag and drop an image from explorer, a new layer populates at the top of all the layers... not the one that you have selected prior to dropping the new image. See my problem? God bless, Johnathan
  14. Good on ya! Worked just as well... just isn't as obvious is all. Thank you and God bless, Johnathan
  15. Hey everyone, Another question/suggestion... Can you automatically alphabetize the layers? Or maybe send a new layer to the bottom of the list instead of having to click 'down' multiple times until your hand hurts? God bless, Johnathan
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