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  1. Thanks for the lead, Midora. I do have Ed Harvey's plugins installed but I hadn't thought of using a Dither. I'll play around with it a little bit and see what I can come up with.
  2. Sorry for the lack of image in my initial post - i was having troubles properly uploading and linking the image. I've tried the Grid Maker using dots and made a little progress but was not satisfied. I then changed the transparency of the dots layer to Overlay which seemed like I could be moving in the right direction, but the results are clearly not the same as the comic-book frame in my first post. Here's snap of the settings I used in Grid Maker: This was the result of adding the dots-layer: And finally with the dots-layer transparency set to Overlay: So it seems like it's closer, but still not quite right. I will look into the Halftone's suggestion, but does anyone have further ideas?
  3. Hi folks, I've been on the trail of a method to convert photo's with a style resembling printed comic books where you can see the color dots that form the overall picture. I found some info. elsewhere that Majik's Grid Maker Plugin can be helpful for this but the tutorial listed on that same page was inaccessible. In fiddling around with the plugin and layer-mixing techniques (ie. additive, multiply, etc.) I have still not managed to figure out how to replicate the effect. Here is an image of the style I'd like to reproduce: Cam someone point me toward a tutorial that demo's the technique to achieve this, please? Thank you! Zeorez
  4. Hi barbieq25, Thanks for your response. I tried hunting down that Chaos of Ice toot (hey, I like variety) you mentioned, but I only got 3 hits on the search, where just one result seemed relevant. The board, however, wouldn't allow me to view that post! Something about permissions... Does anyone have additional suggestions?
  5. Hi folks, I'm not sure I can get any clearer than the subject :wink: What I want to do is create a glassy looking image (no problem there), but then add some nice realistic looking cracks to the glass surface. Does anyone know how I could go about doing this? Zero
  6. BoltBait to the rescue... again. Thanks, man! Worked like a charm!
  7. I'd like to cleanly change the background colour of an existing image from white to black. Of course, doing so reveals a pseudo-white border around the entire image, which are the pixels used to blend the edges of the image into the background colour. Does anyone know of an easy/quick technique for removing those blended pixels? :? I've attached an example image...
  8. Good stuff - thanks for the suggestions. I'll try the plugin shortly (thank you). Zero
  9. Hi folks, I'm wondering if anyone knows how I might be able to create a text effect where the text appears to be pushing up threw the surface of the canvas - the result of which would (hopefully) look like raised text on the surface itself. Any ideas?
  10. Hi folks, I was reading an article on the net that was saying you can take advantage of png's alpha transparency for pixels so that an image's edges will appear nicely blended with any background, regardless of whether it's black, white, or whatever. It didn't give any instructions on how to do it though, so i've been messing around in Paint .NET for a little while with no success. Can anyone enlighten me with some info on how to do this?
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