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  1. wow..thx buddy where u found it ? btw i cant download it can u help me upload it anywhere so i can download it from there..thx
  2. wat is the font used here ? and how to make the flag become circle-liked cheers;
  3. if possible if not juz post wat PDN can do thx..i really love PDN of it handy tool..hehe..very easy to use it
  4. the 1st one someone pls make a tutorial..thx cheers !!!
  5. how to make the apple bitten and the clickable button or text ? thats the code needed some one here pro..pls teach me.. i want to know how to make the design for the 1st one smone pls make a tutorial thx 8)
  6. After Resting For A Week Before Active In This Lovely Forum Here Again I Want To Ask Something. How Can U Make A Profile Like This ? http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=58232597 Or Flash like This ? http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=232246061 Can We Use PDN ? if cant please tell me how to make this layout ? If this not about PDN pls tell me the answer because i know here many pro designer are using pdn cheers, DarkMie
  7. how to make a cd4 effect ? or make a wire like background.can someone teach how make a cd4
  8. how to do it so nice lol pls teach me T_T :? :?
  9. guys u see here when im editing my signature or something when i paste it then there will be a checkersboard liked on the texture then i cant see my wallpaper pls someone make a tutorial about pasting a picture here the example when i upload it i cant see the background im using the default background = white when i paste it the background will cant be seen at all T_T
  10. if i open then ? it the colour will not be black ? but if the transparent it became the chessboard something pattern ? i cant paste it =,=? onto my signature ? how ? pls help me tq
  11. why when i want to paste some pictures the none coloured section will turn black ? can u tell me something ? i got that problem...damn.. here the example of its
  12. hi there, how u make the fibre-liked background as i know it only got in photoshop making in PDN ? can u teach me ? i really aprreciate for ur hardword ..10/10 nice tut there
  13. how u make it ? can tell me ? wow so nice de .. thx :evil: :evil:
  14. how u make it can u show to me ? pls tell de...-_- T_T Y_Y ^_^ ^.^ =.= X_X X.X o.0' 0.0' o^0
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