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  1. Hi ! I'm sorry I posted in the wrong section :oops: I have downloaded paint.net 2.0 + paint.net 3.0 ....but now have I put those in the garbage because the programs didn't work...so could yuo please help me from the start ? I mean what program should I download from the beginning and what programs after that ? I would like to use Paint.NET in the latest version. Microsoft is the place that I'd downoloaded from. Pardon my english :oops: , I'm not so good in english :oops: ...I hope you understand anyway :?
  2. HI ! Please HELP !!!! I have tried to download Paint.NET to my computer but it does'nt work :oops: Can someone please explain to me which program I have to download first :?: ....and then step by step which programs that I have to download after the first program to make Paint.NET work :?
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