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  1. <<<< My Avatar reflects my use of this tut. Good one, BTW. I think I'll redo it sometime with a little red in the lettering...
  2. For those of you who edit (home) video, what editor do you use? I'm trying to find a good program, and some recommends would be great.
  3. I've always been searching for good but simple photo editor. I've tried GIMP and PS, and though I can see how they are very powerful, it seemed way too complex for my tastes and abilities! I stumbled upon an article in PC Magazine about PDN being one of the best paint programs out there, and that it was free! I've just started using it, so I've a long way to go to get comfortable with it, but thus far I love it, and all the tuts, advice and plugins (yeah!) here are great - now I've just got to absorb it all! So much of the artwork I've seen posted is amazing, you really are a talented group! BTW, every post I've read here has a tone of genuine friendliness and helpfulness which is really nice to see...
  4. PC Bioshock - so so Comabt Arms - Online FPS good, but too many hackers IL2 1946 - Best combat flight simulator ever! Can't wait for the new installment..
  5. Tyranny of Souls - Bruce Dickinson Twilight of the Thundergod - Amon Amarth Scattering of Ashes - Into Eternity
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