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  1. hey man for the surging plant i think u shud try a zoom blur instead of a motion blur so it wud like shoot outwards well i actually put the rain on a sig i made from the pyrosig tut xD i changed the layer thing to sumthing else i think it was glow but idr, the picture is dark so the regular way didnt show too much
  2. Cool effects, this is the first tut i read and tried out wen i found this forum but it was b4 i registered xP, i used ur tut a bit for my avatar i had to squish it to make it fit the max size...which i think the forum shud do automaticly with sum sort of resize xO but its looks pretty good xO id show u the 1 i made when i just did the tut but idk where i put it
  3. Well i tried it out but instead of more of a glow effect on the words i decided to make the outline black instead of white i kinda like how it looks better, its in my sig now if u wanna look, but heres full version, i put 2 pictures of my avatar in a game i play xO Also Energy guy who was asking about help on the recolor, u can always just take what u already have and mess with the Hue/Sat or u can use gradient mapping or use curves on Rgb or sumthing...
  4. Well this will teach u how to make Woll Smoth and Fronds, if u dont know what it is, look at the bottom pictures and thts what it is! loL (keep a version of the original picture in a seperate paint, it doesnt need to be pdn it can be ms paint it doesnt really matter) Start With ur picture, And use Lasso select (shortcut key s) to delte where the eyes and mouth r and any shading tht they may have created Then use color picker and left click one side of the eyes and left click on the other I ACCIDENTALLY TYPED LASSO IN THE OPICTURE BUT I MEANT COLOR PICKER >.< Use Magic Tool To Select Where The Eye is missing, and create a layer underneath the one with ur picture On the New Layer make a liner gradient Merge the layers down and use fragmentation blur (like 1-2 distance 50 fragcount) and unfocus blur(3-4) where the eye and the gradient meet u might be able to see the outline of the blue from the last effect so unfocus blue(1-2) on the edges Now it seems i shudve deleted a lil more wen i got rid of the eye, but not to worry, we'll just air brush over it which id do anyway to help make it look more realistic Select sumwhere right under the eye and just touch it up till it looks right(keep transparency low i usually use about 16) i used brush size of 5, but u shud just do it to w/e fits to ur picture now under the eye was brighter so now for the second touch up i chose closer to the side of the face to get it for the shade area to help blend it a bit (use a lower tranparency like 10) now zoom out, doesnt look to bad eh? now go back to the original picture and rectangle select over the eye ur doing, and copy it Create a new layer and paste the eye there Make ur primary color back and secondary white, use radial gradient on transparency mode(start on middle of the eye and drag to outer rim of the eye) now erase the sharder edges of the square(u can just use elipse select but i use lasso, it doesnt matter really) Now rectangle select the eye again and shink and move it to where u want it on the face then blur the egdes with gaussian blur (1) flatten the layers together and unfocus blur Zoom out, looks pretty gud i think xD, do the steps above for the other eye Its pretty much the same for the mouth...gradient over mouth mole... unfocus at 4 around the edges.... unfocus at 1-2 around the egdes from the last unfocus... Color pick light area around mouth and air brush the area transparency 16, then darker area transparecy like 8 (i thought u shud already know how to do this so i did it lazyly so ima unfocus blur at 1 to make it look a bit smoother) now go back to the original picture and copy mouth area ...paste on new layer above the face and cut off the edges Trancparency mode on diamond gradient, shink and flatten Unfocus blur around lips and zoom out, ur done!! >_> im sure sum1 can do this better then me cuz i guessed for the whole tut D: loL made my first 1 after seeing a picture of one on another forum, this tut was the 3rd i ever did ;o and heres another 1 i made xD(the picture is of sherwood dungeon a mmorpg i play) And this is Gene Endroy the creator of Sherwood
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