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  1. i have opened paint.net and checked and they are there now thank you very much
  2. nope but i think i know what has happened and i think i have done it on the last screenshot it says "appdata>local>virtualstore>program files>effects but it wasnt in the program files in the OS Install>programs as seen in the screenshot but i have moved them files to right place, i think... am i right??
  3. and i dragged the files out from boltbaits folder to the actual effects folder and this happens but when i click on "compatibility files" they appear. this is a screen shot:
  4. am really sorry for this i have unzipped the folder now, but when i open paint.net the effects arent there.....
  5. erm...... am saving it but when i go to unzip it, it isn't there :?
  6. hi, i have tried to download the plugin but i cant find program files, i have vista so i dont know where to go :?
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