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  1. My try @ the rose tut. Added some broken ripples around it
  2. Great tutorial....Here's mine
  3. I have the color replacer tool but I don;t understand about the brush selection. Is this suppose to be included in the color replacer? Because I do not see one..What am I missing?
  4. I'll move on from the spheres I promise they were just a little addicting there for a couple days......lol
  5. Missles...lol. No it's Archery, bow hunting to be exact. Thanks for the comments
  6. Is there any keyboard shortcuts to get the shape 3D editor back up so you don't re-render your project again...or without having to use the undo button over and over...
  7. Another one I was messing around with...
  8. Any keyboard shortcuts for this plugin? Like a way to turn the shape editor on/off within the window?
  9. First image I created after reading some of the great tutorials here on the forum. Prolly could have anti-aliased or blurred to make it a little smoother. I'm working on animating the water reflection next.
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