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  1. It's called.. NORMAL font.. Try it..
  2. HELEN, Oma, Ash, Gamerworld14, All the mods, and I can't think of anyone else in particular but I think everybody is good!
  3. ^ Nope. Rock on! < Was inspired by GamerWorld14 to come back. - He also got me Drop Shadow v Knew I couldn't quit the PdN forum for long
  4. I'm already thinking some people on here might be doing that. Anyways, I give your sig 6/10. The design just looks random and there is way too much text for a sig. Cool. I'm out. I'll still check tuts out.. but I'm off PDN Forum. Nice talkin to you. If you need to talk to me my AIM is on my page. Bye peepz
  5. Yeah I get what you're saying, the thing is, I don't know what to do to my work.. No matter what I seem to do, you guys put it down.. Constructive Critism is fine, but when you don't tell me what I need to change.. all you say is it sucks.. what am I supposed to do? Maybe I'm just a crappy artist.. so I don't think I should use Paint.NET anymore, Maybe I'll go steal pictures off of other sites.
  6. Holy bloody potato! I followed countless tutorials and I can't make a good sig.. you know wht maybe im not meant to use paint.net i quit pce out
  7. Its actually pretty nice, The twists make a nice effect and the metal around it looks good. I'll say 9.2/10
  8. You receive a lolipop, then you drop it in your sink's drain. I wish Punk'd was still on TV..
  9. Hahaha, oh wow. That's smudging, not blurring. Granted, it's not the best. Brush size is too big. But telling him he needs to practice more? That's like a bum giving you stock market tips. Well, not to be rude, but if you're gonna be like that.. Atleast my frickin' sig didn't take 3 little minutes.. I have practiced, I'm not the best I'll admit it, don't critisize how I rate.. I like what I like.. its Rate The sig of the poster ABOVE you.. So back off
  10. ^ Nope I am in the process of being bored. < Is bored as bloody potato! v Can't wait for school to start.
  11. Man, your talented! I hope you get a gallery I seen your sword its da bomb! Keep up the good work, I couldn't make that good of a sword with almost a year of experience in PDN and your EGG is awesome too! BTW: This is a pretty cool tut, Have to try it some time.
  12. You get a POOL table, sadly, it overflows your house. I wish I had a better cell phone.
  13. I like the avatars.. Actually I like them all.. but the avatars seem all the same..
  14. You didn't just hit yourself in the jaw.. Sadly professional boxer Floyd "Money" Maywhether did. I wish I didn't need glasses.
  15. ^ Nope, chicken! < Is listening to Michael Jackson and still laughing about APShredder posting TPBM xD v TPBM owns action figures :o
  16. ^ Nope, Just windows < Joined the forum in December v Also joined in the year 2008.
  17. What I Want by Daughtry I Want it That Way by The Backstreet Boys
  18. Wow, this is a great tut, its a lot of work so I'll try it when I have more time on my hands, but its spectacular! I've always wanted to know how to make glossies. Good job HELEN!!
  19. 1: 6.8/10 Its nice, but it looks like it should be feathered.. Plus the bg is just a gradient. 2: 3.2/10 It sucks tbh. No offense to you, but that is easy, a noob could make better.. put a few colors then blurring. You just need to practice a bit more, experiment and download different plugins, you'll find a style.
  20. Considering I never heard of a flamewar, I think the chances of me participating in one is not very good.... TPBM needs a password to log onto their computer..
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