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  1. Hi Commander SOZO & Myrddin -- Thanks so very much for your help. It is such a pleasure to find such a helpful and supportive group of people. Thank you, Ron S.
  2. Hi Everyone -- I just upgraded to 3.5.1 and I can't seem to find the "Sharp" option for text that used to be there. Can someone help me find it? I used it quite a bit in the past ... Thanks, Ron
  3. Thanks, ZizOiz, for your thoughts. I tried the steps you suggested, but it seems to blank out the entire workspace. I'm sure I have mis-understood your instruction, but I do not know what to try as an alternative. All I am trying to do is emulate the MSPaint Paste function when the bottom most option "block" is selected which indicates transparency for the paste. In this process, all "null" pixels in the "source object of the Copy/Paste pair" will allow the target pixel images to "Show thru". Any non-null pixel will replace the target pixel and be displayed as the pixel in the "Paste Object" (in this case the cross hatch pattern of null diamonds and fine lines of 255 255 254 "colour"). I am in hopes that this description coupled with the bit image I included with my prior reply may help suggest a solution. If the bit image is no longer available, please advise and I will re-attach it. Thank you - Rontenfour
  4. Hi Everyone -- FIRST - Please accept my apology. I had no intention of "stealing anyone's topic" nor intruding into the improper place. I simply saw a thread that I thought was a general "place" in which I could ask a question. Obviously that is incorrect...... Again, I am sorry.... I tried the suggested solution and am still puzzled. I do not wish to be a pest (and I promise I will not become an endless stream of unanswered questions). But if anyone can point me a little further down a path of success I will be most appreciative... When I paste a new layer in Overlay mode, the result is a change in "colour" of the original ("base layer") text, but the cross-hatching is still no where to be seen. Varying the opacity simply changes the "Shade" of the text colour. I have attached (I hope) a screen capture of the desired result compared to the result achieved with Overlay paste. Any ideas, assistance, and help would help make my day. Thanks once again, Rontenfour
  5. Hi Everyone -- New kid on the block. I am not sure this is the right place to ask a question. If not, please correct me and I'll do as asked.... My question is: How do I "emulate" the transparent mode paste function I use in MSPaint. I have a cross-hatch pattern of "x's" composed of just off-white lines on a transparent (null) background. The lines are RGB 254 255 255. The intent is to copy this, and then paste it on top of an image (e.g. a series of text characters). The result would be text in a "cross-hatched" font. In fact it would look something like the "Font Colour" matrix at right, but the font colors would be the text characters. Anyone with ideas and suggestions, advice, counsel, and help, AND willing to share them will be a friend indeed.... Thanks, Rontenfour
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