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  1. So I went and purchased your Codec pack, got the plugin, and found that it does not recognize my D40 RAW files, I get a popup saying unsupported file type. How did you get it to load .Nef files?
  2. I am a PSP user and usually start my editing by loading a RAW file straight into PSP in 16 bit mode. I expected the RawLoader plugin (which, like PSP, uses DCRaw) would achieve pretty much the same result. In reality the quality is abysmal, worse than using a camera jpeg. I wondered about looking into why the RawLoader gets such bad results, but then it also occured to me that I have a Nikon Codec installed, as do many other Nikon owners, I imagine. So I am thinking about making a file loader plugin that uses the Nikon Codec (via WIC). I noticed that WIC support is in the feature least and should eventually be in the main tarball, but in the meantime a file loader plugin could surly bridge the gap. I have played around with effects plugins in PDN, but I cannot find a framework or example for the file loader plugins. Probably looking in the wrong places. So I guess my question is this: Is this a reasonably doable little project as it appears to be on the surface, or is there a big gotcha? And are any file loader framework examples available? Just an edit to say that I imagine my answers may lie in the source code, I have noticed that many posts here refer to it, I assume it is freely available. Indeed I have found links to it but they all take me to a download page that does not seem to have a link the source. Is source available, if so, where? Thanks.