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  1. Yeah this file is coming out completely corrupt. I have a mac running a windows VM :-) when I open the .psd in 'preview' on the Mac I can see my two tabs, but when I open it using Paint.net it is screwed up. I can see the layers but all the bits of the image just look like static. Preview on mac: Paint.net: The PSD source file is 25 meg. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the reply's. I've tried bulge, looks good. But yellow man that video is perfect! I knew it had something to do with the symmetry of it. Thanks!
  3. Good idea, I have tried that but trouble is I need both sides to be symmetrically large so that makes it kind of hard. I've split it up into 3 layers so I'll try some more! Sorry for being so awkward :-) I'll keep trying
  4. Thanks for that, but that kind of stretches it into a bubble with arcs, I wanted something a bit more angular so there is less horizontal distortion. Any other suggestions?
  5. has set their status

  6. Hi guys, I've looked into this myself, looked to see if I could find a plugin, but clearly I'm an amateur and suck! I'm trying to make a pinch effect on my text image. I have this: But I want to pinch it in the middle so it's kind of a horizontal hourglass. Like this: Is there a plugin or a few steps someone could explain? I need to change the size once I've 'pinched' it so I'd rather I was told how to do it than someone just did it :-) Thanks for listening x
  7. When increasing the brightness of the glowy line where you on the right Layer, did you use layers?
  8. Hey yeah I just tried that here's what I got: The problem is I have to resize them to 15pix by 15pix, and they go all messed up like this: This is my attempt with them on the image i'm using, they don't look as good as I hoped, I also wanted more of the background color to come through, therefore whatever color I change too it is reflected in the items: Any ideas how to impove? Thanks for the help
  9. Hi i'm pretty new to Paint.net I suck at art! Could I request a tutorial, to draw something that takes the background color of whatever it is placed on and looks like its embedded into it. i.e if I had a cutaway landscape (cartoony) and wanted a skull or bones in the soil, how would I draw these? Thanks if any1 gives this a go!!
  10. Thanks Ash!! I've been using Paint.net for two days :-) , I'm a programmer normally and decided to give it a instead of asking and artistic friend. Check out my drift wood!: What you think?
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