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  1. the thread is fine except for idiots like Axle. I've rated a 5 and 8 for songs thus far. the highest he's rated in multiple pages is a 5 i believe, but most are along the lines of 1-3. The 1/10 isn't for his song if you read my post. It's for him. and @ onlychad.. if you go through the first 5 pages i think every poster gives a GOOD reason for their vote, and gives at least a decent vote. You can dislike a style/song and still be tolerant listening to it for what it is.
  2. 1/10 now someone rate his song.
  3. 5/10 I really like Dark Territory by them, but not feeling that song My favorite artist by far Change by Taylor Swift
  4. 8/10 not for the actual quality of the song, but just because that is a song I would definately rock out of my car with my windows down met the lead singer to this band randomly... pretty good group though. Brake Lights By Call It a Night
  5. Just learning right now, mostly combining tuts, hoping to become creative soon. Will update once something worthy is created.
  6. Not a lot done with it, but I like simple sigs. 7.5/10 rate: also advice would be nice, just made it. <3
  7. Probably the day my mom told me I was special for the first time. Yea..... that was the best.
  8. haha ok. Can you move this to the image hospital then please? Sorry for the troubles. Thanks
  9. disclaimer:Since the section says that requests should be made here I figured this was the right section to post this (and not the pictorium). Anyways... on to the request. I was hoping for advice from veterans of PdN, for simple(or complex if explained/tut given) ways to make my sig better. I want to keep it fairly simple to keep it "clean" and "fresh" as my name would suggest. Advice even as simple as a better text(with example) would be appreciated. This is what I want to work with(posted it in case I edit the sig at some point):
  10. I love everything about the sig, except the creature is a bit blurry/indistinguishable(for those who don't know what it is) imo. 9.5/10
  11. I love the back ground as well as your icon/text but for some reason they don't fit together enough imo. 8.03/10.00
  12. 1st one solved and I got a bubble tut recommended to me as well anything known to anyone besides the bubble? I'm going to give that a try, but any other ideas from tuts? Thanks again. sorry for double post, but wanted to let others know my 1st question was solved.
  13. 1. I saw a tutorial on how to make it so that a sig doesn't have a plain background, and takes the forum's color around the image. However I scourged the site to try to find it again, and couldn't find it(even with search). I don't know exactly what to call it so that doesn't help. Would anyone be able to provide a link to that tut? 2. I looked through probably 100+ tuts to find one that applied to a theme I was looking for, but didn't find one. Anyone know of a sig tutorial that relates to shall we say... "soap" or something of the sort? The sig I have currently does not relate to my gaming name at all. Thanks for the help. p.s. I used to schwoop + glass tile tutorials last night and they were awesome. Also if it's easier I can be contacted through MSN messenger