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  1. That's pretty good, but the path is off the isometric plane. Anyway, more art. Buildings... They aren't ny best, they're actually pretty old.
  2. More pixel-y goodness. It's a trophy. :shock:
  3. Oh yeah... I forgot about that! :oops:
  4. Hmm! It's pretty nice! I like the cola text... how'd you make all the little dots?
  5. Well, here's my gallery of n00bness, because I've just started using Paint.net, but I'm learning pretty quickly. Here's some nice pics I've made: [Gadget] [signature] [Moon] [Trophy] They're all 100% PDN, unless said specifically. Anyway, comments? I didn't use and renders... except the the moon one. I used glow.
  6. Oh. Well, thanks everyone. Yeah, once I made a picture of the moon, and I used the "smoke" render, then turned it black and white as my starting point. It turned out pretty well... Anyway, yeah...
  7. You guys really like it? Thanks! I didn't think many people would like it. My only complaint is that there's kinda just an empty space...
  8. These are nice! I love the mirror one, and that lizard you used. xD
  9. Oh, really? But, it's still not that of an amazing picture of you use clouds though, right?
  10. Like, some people are showing off their pics. They say it's 100% PDN. What makes things 100% PDN? I know you shouldn't use renders and stuff like that, but what exactly?
  11. What exactly is 100% PDN? What are the things you shouldn't use if you want it to be 100% PDN... I know that clouds aren't 100%, and most renders, but what about blurs?
  12. I'm just a beginner, but it's one of my best-ish. It's my current sig.
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