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  1. This is my text. I need to make the snow like 3d (you know what I mean) and the text too. How ?
  2. add it to a new layer ?
  3. How you add the colors ? :shock:
  4. Amazing tutorial ! Simple too. The first I do on the first try ! Before After
  5. How can I cut a specific part of an image ? I mean with specific pixel width and height.
  6. I can't really figure out how to use this plugin. Can someone explain ?
  7. Uum. no. TPBM will tell me how to use color replacer.
  8. How to use color replacer plugin ? I can't find it out
  9. Thank you ! I am stuck with the color replacer can you help ?
  10. Hello everyone ! I am new in Paint.NET and I would like to know if I can create animations on this program. Thank you all !