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  1. Changed this thread to my personal gallery thread Here check out the first sig I made myself. I did this with textures from http://www.urbandirty.com a picture of Rock Lee from Naruto (Rock Lee is THAT awesome ) and my own ingenuity Please give me response, I think I did a pretty good job myself, but all suggestions and responses are welcome Made an awesome orb, just screwing around with some effects, starting with the moire texture effect
  2. Hi, I'm wondering how to make a realistic looking 3-D drop, like a blood drop or a tear. If somebody knows how to then please help me
  3. Oops yeah, I was going to do that, I knew i had forgotten something xD
  4. very nice tut look what i came up with (after a bit of tweaking )
  5. Yeah, but i want a fiery effect. nice plugin EDIT: Thanks to that plugin i just finished my project, it's my first try on this kind of picture making
  6. I'm such a noob look what i came up with <.<
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