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  1. Thanks i really appreciate it,i just started a couple months ago so i'm still learning the ropes but im really glad you like it.
  2. Not bad,i dig the blue one,it looks very retro
  3. Im not sure then,you could always do a restore and hope for the best?
  4. Im about to open your world of fonts up a lot.Take a look around this site,they have countless downloadable fonts,im sure they have something that will help you.Simply download the one your looking for,open up the zipped file and drag it to your computers font folder.Good luck and enjoy! http://www.dafont.com
  5. Really awesome idea man and you pulled it off well.I think you just inspired a lot of ideas for a lot of us.Thank you!
  6. @4ngelKill i really dig your sig its well made and has an awesome feel to it
  7. Did you uninstall the previous version first just to make sure there wasn't a problem there? Also,you may want to uninstall the program,check your program files and make sure that everything is fully removed and then re-install again.If this still doesn't help maybe its a problem with your computer and it just happens to be reacting to PDN for some reason,try a system restore to a date before this problem was occurring and try it then.If you need help with any of these steps let me know.
  8. Well i agree he is,but he has the skill to do it.He didn't just happen to wake up and do it one day then go out and be like look what i can do.He worked at it to get where he is at and he also goes around the world hosting guitar clinics and giving players tips and support so he definitely gives back to the guitar community.
  9. lol i agree,the only decent stuff thats on the radio is stuff that has been out since the 90's that they are deciding to keep around.
  10. luckily it only lasted for a day or the world may have ended
  11. ah yes that is michael angelo batio,one of the sickest guitarists out there.If you want to see that that guitarist isnt all for looks,try looking him up.He can also play a sick double guitar that goes left and right heres a pic of him now a days playing it.The pic with the quad was him much younger.
  12. Hopefully the fix will really happen and we can put this whole mess behind us.I hope they stop this from happening in the future aswell.
  13. Zunes are indeed capable of receiving wireless signal,but you must be in range of wi-fi and you must have it turned on your zune.I keep mine off since i never use it and it drains the battery a bit quicker which means there was no way for me to receive it if that is how it was sent out.That is a good idea though and maybe to some degree in some way it may have something to do with it,i know its a shot in the dark but maybe thats how it was received and just didnt go off until now.Who knows,and microsoft may keep it on the hush hush and just tell you how to fix it and not what was wrong.Only time will tell,i just wish they'd hurry up,this is a bad way to start a new year.
  14. I decided to learn the ropes with graphic arts.I've been a musician all my life but i was ready to expand my artistic abilities to visual arts.I watched one of my best friends evolve from a beginner to a solid artist over the years,someone you know here on the forums as Jake2k,I've watched him work and it inspired me,so i decided and was encouraged to downloaded paint.net,began messing around and figuring things out and becoming more comfortable with the program then joined up here on the forums.I havent been a member here too long but i plan to be.I'm really glad the forums are here because it makes PDN so much more than just a graphics program and that is the short story of my journey here.
  15. Microsoft's official comment to the Zune 30g users We are aware that customers with the Zune 30GB are experiencing issues with their Zune device. We are actively working now to isolate the issue and develop a solution to address it. We will keep customers informed on next steps via the support page on zune.net (zune.net/support).
  16. its just really good to know we are not alone.When it first happened to mine i thought i messed something up.Then i heard from Jake that his and his girlfriends were doing the same.Looked into it and found out there were a lot of angry zune 30g users as they woke up to use them.If i hear of a fix i will definitely post it!
  17. My zune,Jake2k's zune and his girlfriends zune all failed this morning and im sure some of you may be in the same position.I looked into it online and it is actually happening everywhere.Here is a site with a bit more about it.The only thing i am trying is letting the battery die and then plugging it into my computer and seeing what i can do.Feel free to share and tips ideas or the infinite complaints im sure zune users will have. http://gizmodo.com/5121311/reports-30gb-zunes-failing-everywhere-all-at-once Good luck everyone Solution The problem with the zune was due to the year of release being a leap year so it had conflicting 08-09 dates.I let my battery die and started it up today 1/1/09 and it is working as microsoft said.Not sure if you need to let your battery die but if your screen is frozen and you cant do anything let your battery die enough to be giving you the charge battery icon,then plug it into a charge source (your pc or a wall adapter or whatever you may use to charge your zune)and after it gets charged enough to start you should once more have a working 30g zune.Good luck all if you have any questions i will do my best to answer them.
  18. unlocker has saved me so many time.Awesome little tool
  19. People,for the most part,aren't proud of anyone else anymore.They are either jealous of whatever the subject may be,or they could care less even if whatever it may be means a lot to that person and took a lot of time,work and skill.I'm making this observation public not because its something that happens to me,lately often,but i've seen it happen to other people all the time.People that i am personally proud of and proud of the things they do get sold short or not given the credit they deserve because others are jealous or don't care about anyone but themselves.I for one choose to support the interests and skills of my friends and i encourage you to do the same.Sometimes that's all it takes to make someones day so please if your one of the few people that are proud of someone,please tell them or show them you are,please give them the credit they deserve for being the person they are and doing the things they do.
  20. Updated my gallery with some recent projects i've been working on.I decided to put some order to my gallery and keep everything in the first post and just edit that.Let me know what you guys think.
  21. Clouds are definitely one of the most versatile tools.Awesome work Jake,i think the sig came together nicely.
  22. It looks good.I like the lines of light that trail the car and the background seems to fit the pic well but it seems a bit ordinary 6.5/10
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