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  1. I just used the demo pictures that were in the demo version of GreenscreenWizard (http://www.greenscreenwizard.com), and ones found with a google image search ('chroma key green') like the one on this page: http://store02.prostores.com/servlet/tu ... een/Detail I just purchased a piece of green cloth so I haven't had a chance to take any of my own yet. -Tim
  2. Updated the plugin to handle both green and blue chroma keys. Also optimized some of the code. -Tim
  3. This is a relatively simple chroma key plugin for removing the green background from an image. It's based on the algorithm presented in the paper here: http://www.makebelieve.gr/vl/Publications/SAICSIT99.pdf with an addition to reduce the green hue at the edge of objects. It's a terribly simple routine compared to many and certainly could stand improvement, but seems to do the job as well as many of the $100 programs I've tried. -Tim ChromaKeyPlugin.zip
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