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  1. I'm using XP SP2 and have no intention of upgrading to SP3 because there is almost nothing in SP3 thats worth it. SP3 is mostly bloat-software that most users Do Not Need. On top of the afore mentioned, it has caused conciderable problems and crashes on many PC's in which I have tried to install it.
  2. Hi guys I'm new to paint.net and I'll tell ya, it's going to take me awhile to figure out how all this works, but I'm trying. Here's my problem, when I try to use DropShadow I receive an error (see below). File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.dll Effect Name: Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.DropShadowEffect Full error message: System.MethodAccessException: PaintDotNet.ColorWheel..ctor() at Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.DropShadowConfigDialog.InitializeComponent() at Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.DropShadowConfigDialog..ctor()
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