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  1. KABLAMMMMO! your Robot can play sweet child o' mine but a day after it learns how to it blows up =[ i wish i had a good laptop =]
  2. i like it its simple and has a good range of colours....... really good 8.5/10 =]
  3. Great SIG. That's all the reason you need. well thank you very much =] i like yours too..... good effect i totally agree i like fractual too =]
  4. ^ siggy what? < has to make a model of the solar system for homework BEFORE next tuesday =[ v is drinking Diet Coke
  5. Paint.Net all the way - i wish i could afford photoshop too but hey PDN isn't bad atall =] also it'll just have to do as i can't afford photoshop =]
  6. well i like globetrotting hense the globe and i like messing around with effects so i ended up with the background and i liked it =]
  7. well thank you very much =] yours is actually really good too =] i'd say 9.5 outa 10 too =] i like the way you've done it =]
  8. i geuss mine would be chocolate sandwhiches yeah i know its kinda weird but its great when you have a load of uneaten easter eggs
  9. most definately cheese...... =] Microsoft or Apple?
  10. i like the simple xmassy thing you've got going on..... 7/10 if you did it from scratch 6 if not =]
  11. well everyone i know is always telling me i'm insane and i mostly say peeps instead of people so when i was choosing a nickname for my YouTube account i was talking on MSN and my freind said i was an Insane Peep so it sorta happend =] LOL
  12. I don't know what you guys think but think Indiana Jones is great I thought the newest film was great. Unfortuneately I missed Wall-E so does anyone reccomend it?
  13. yeah id like to see if mine's good or not - probobly not but hey ho =] here it is:
  14. yeah you should try searching for a download file
  15. really great tut i think its quite easy but hey taht's just me =]
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