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  1. Yes I would indeed be interested :-) I think the shifting of the bitmap is actually by MS design, not sure why though. I'm using the 32-bit bitmaps for custom theming a Windows application and load the bitmap using standard Windows API calls (Windows XP/Vista DOES support 32-bit bitmaps internally :wink: in fact... the whole theming support is based around the format, explorer doesn't display them correctly though paradoxially enough) anyway... though without the manual shifting before saving in PDN with your plugin it will appear displays shifted 1px. Actually... I did notice that reopening a manually shifted image using your plugin will open the image unshifted in PDN... so it looks like it is suppose to look... problem is that when making changes and saving again it will be shifted again. So (to me) it appears like it should simply always shift 1px on saving and that's that...
  2. ooh... I've been waiting for this! There is however a bug in the current version... the whole image is shifted 1 pixel to the left in the resulting bitmap...
  3. Even then, he didn't accept code contributions. I know but then at least I'd have an export function :wink:
  4. Well, I'm a programmer too... I fact I'd add the function myself and I'd stop complaining were it not for the fact that the source is no longer available In any case, thanks Dan for the workaround. @Myrddin: I didn't know Rick was aware of this, I didn't see the item in the feature request topic 8) It is true that the user-base probably won't deteriorate if this feature is lacking... but then again... is Paint.net primarily about maintaining/getting a large user-base? :wink:
  5. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately like I stated this messes up the filename, since "undo" doesn't undo the filename which has been selected for the Save As, which really makes this... well... not that much of a pseudo-export. I understand that you cannot give a definite confirmation about the addition of this function but I would like to stress that IMO this should really be in the top range of the todo list... This is really a pivotal function in ANY multi-layer graphics program. In fact you'd be hard-pressed to find one which doesn't have it ;-) You see, A LOT if not most Paint.net users export their multi-layer source graphics to JPG/PNG/BMP/GIF since well, PDN is a nice format but not very useful outside paint.net itself so it's not like it would be a hardly used niche-feature that only a handful of webdesigners and programmers would benefit from. It is seemingly not an incredibly hard feature to add either I'd imagine or would it?
  6. Paint.net is a GREAT application but the biggest omission IMO is an Export function. I use PDN primarily for creating graphics for websites and windows application and for that purpose I have to save various different BMP and PNG files which I base on the same PDN file but typically with different layers enabled or other minor adjustments applied. Using the Save As option is a real PITA, because not only does this FORCE me to flatten all layers (yes I know I can undo this, but really I didn't want this to happen in the first place so why should I undo something I don't want to happen eh ) but much worse: it also changes the filename of the loaded PDN into the exported file! This causes confusion for me and next time I want to do a regular save next time the filename is messed up. Come on folks... how hard can it be to add a little Export item to the File menu, which does a quick internal flatten and leaves the current state of the loaded file untouched? It would be greatly appreciated. :wink:
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