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  1. Thanks, for dismissing my idea fully >.
  2. you can easily upload .pdn files to places like filefront.. http://www.filefront.com
  3. Killerhangar's Signature Its simply the best so far.. Comment
  4. ^ Posts good comment < Has an Obsession v Is using PDN right now
  5. Or you can just click around the image once and then keep going on Welcome to forums and i hope you will have a lot of fun with PDN
  6. Windows Vista on laptop, when i get my desk computer from reformat back its gonna be Windows XP SP3
  7. Im suggesting a Resources forum here.. One for Renders Font and Brush (when avaible) Packs Stocks and of course a place to share PDN Files
  8. I Dont have lemons, neither does store or anyone else. I Wish that i could live in Australia
  9. The middle one is awesome, looks like a pressure wave when a rocket has launched..
  10. Thats a cool one, ive been wanting to create lines which would be like fireflies but i cant get em to glow like it should -Dengel
  11. Sorry but i has to disagree, if i wanna get a cut-out which isnt at planetrenders.net it fails. Thanks, but no Thanks -Dengel
  12. -Info- First time i experienced with sharpening/reducing the darkness out of my cut-outs, turned out pretty well imo Credits Google for the Scania Image PDN Creators Newbie Playground Tutorials Mates for encouraging me Windows Vista for Font This awzum Forum
  13. errm.. Because i like cars and one of my fav's is Mazda RX-7 FD3S
  14. Something new, signature to a friend Did a background (first try) Used the bevel plugin instead of Border, it looks cooler in this one. Credits OptiPNG Plugin Bevel Selection Plugin Feather Plugin Google for the picture Windows Vista for Font PDN Creators Me Yours, Dengel
  15. Yes i have been thinking to add a background... just wondering how^^
  16. I Cant really think of any nice BG, PM me or quote your idea with a pic here.. Anyways, Flow Thats a hella of a nice sig, i like how you have rotated it, but im afraid it wouldnt really work on the forums, the sig is overall nicely balanced Yours, Dengel
  17. Cool, thanks for this nice stuff, but how do you do video logs? PM me or tell here, sorry if i shoulda PM'ed u Yours, Dengel
  18. Its cool, guitar-related i guess, i dont really care about guitars but i love the background and.. its just cool ill give 8 out of 10 Mine: Yours, Dengel
  19. My first signature ever, you can find Credits @ my Thread
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