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  1. Thanks, for dismissing my idea fully >.
  2. you can easily upload .pdn files to places like filefront.. http://www.filefront.com
  3. Killerhangar's Signature Its simply the best so far.. Comment
  4. ^ Posts good comment < Has an Obsession v Is using PDN right now
  5. Or you can just click around the image once and then keep going on Welcome to forums and i hope you will have a lot of fun with PDN
  6. Windows Vista on laptop, when i get my desk computer from reformat back its gonna be Windows XP SP3
  7. Im suggesting a Resources forum here.. One for Renders Font and Brush (when avaible) Packs Stocks and of course a place to share PDN Files
  8. I Dont have lemons, neither does store or anyone else. I Wish that i could live in Australia
  9. The middle one is awesome, looks like a pressure wave when a rocket has launched..
  10. Thats a cool one, ive been wanting to create lines which would be like fireflies but i cant get em to glow like it should -Dengel
  11. Sorry but i has to disagree, if i wanna get a cut-out which isnt at planetrenders.net it fails. Thanks, but no Thanks -Dengel
  12. -Info- First time i experienced with sharpening/reducing the darkness out of my cut-outs, turned out pretty well imo Credits Google for the Scania Image PDN Creators Newbie Playground Tutorials Mates for encouraging me Windows Vista for Font This awzum Forum
  13. errm.. Because i like cars and one of my fav's is Mazda RX-7 FD3S
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