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  1. Greetings. As you may well know - I'm a new user that has just discovered PaintDNet and fell in love with the potential it provides. I am not a programmer - nor am I an artist. Neither of which is required to be a dedicated user of the application. The value is in the plugins that I'm beginning to discover.


    After going through ALL of TechnoRobbo's plug-ins (80) and a few other packs I was pointed to in the beginning, I came across your recent posting about your newest addition to what is becoming, for me, a huge database of plug-ins. (really only 218) but that shows you how far I have to go with a total list of over 900 to choose from.


    I see that you are mainly focused on height maps more than everything else. Well one plug-in led to another and I see you have a whole list of them. Looking forward to trying each and every one of them over the next week and see if I can get a handle on their use.


    Surprised you haven't released them in a pack - but values the fact that one must learn slowly and not try to master all your plug-ins at once. 


    I'm still a learner but a fast one. Any suggestions on the order of learning each plug-in would be appreciated. These are the four I have selected. Let me know if I should look at any others first.



    Texture Smoother

    With the video tutorials of TR - I was able to learn what a height map was and was able to create one. I plan to create several more.  24-bit height maps was a term I just heard for the first time. Still trying to get a better understanding of the different types of objects we are creating. Height maps - textures and maps. Still a beginner.


    Thank you in advance for the all the plug-ins you have added to this application. Hope I can create something pleasing to your eye. Any requests?




    1. AndrewDavid


      Thank you very much for your response -  look for my work in each thread of each plug-in. I will go slow no doubt.


       Happy to meet you too B)