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  1. :twisted: Open source or closed source?
  2. I think that even if it does exist, it is caused by natural fluctuations in the earth's temperature. Even so, we should still try not to obliterate our planet's resources; that's just common sense.
  3. You get a machine that makes you alone when you want to be, but the machine breaks when you are alone, trapping you in eternal loneliness. I wish wishing for wishes involved more wishing for wishy wishes. Wishy wishes require more wishing than non wishy wishes.
  4. I usually use a gradient and then bevel the edges. Just look at my sig for example! EDIT: I changed my sig and last time I tried to put this edit, the site suddenly went down. Then I forgot to try again.
  5. Your corrupter 3000 starts working, but then it malfunctions again and blows up. I wish I had a life.
  6. ... when you see that at least half of these apply to you I've done both! I lost count...
  7. ^ is right < cannot think of a comment v still has 10^100 (1 Gogol) comments left
  8. WOOHOO! I'm nobody! :shock: :? yes, I like PNY... EDIT:Sorry, the conversation just kind of evolved. Me stop now.
  9. I get confused and in the process of granting your wish, I start a nuclear Armageddon. Sorry! I wish to have a fish grant the wish to stop making mistakes
  10. You ex dies, but takes you with them :twisted: I wish I never wished about a fish
  11. No, when i got it I remember it only having one partition. Then I reformatted it and installed [unsuccessfully] Knoppix on it. Then I tried again and it still did not work. I dont think I am going to try again.
  12. ^ will never know (MWAHAHAHAHA) < wants you to stop asking v agrees
  13. people do your bidding, but the power goes to your head and you start WWIII. I wish I could think of another fish wish.
  14. ^ is right < is no longer hungry v is hitting their head against a hard surface becuse I mentioned food again