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  1. I'm not that stupid :S I do know about plugins. I just simply can't find it in my menus anywhere.
  2. Halp!!!1111one It's not in my distort menu. and I can't find it anywhere in any menus
  3. Hmm. I can't find where panelling goes in my Effects list. Halp plz?
  4. I saw someone make an exploding sun so I had a shot at making one.
  5. Sounds great, but the reason most of the users are here are that they can't afford Photoshop. :-) PhotoShop drains my comp resources too. Anyway, link doesn't work.
  6. There's only one DLL file in the archive. Bug?
  7. I got a coke classic logo and used this plugin to make a Can All alone... In the dark... Calling for you
  8. I have three different outcomes. AND HERE IS MY FAVOURITE ONE (nuclear explosion)