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  1. 33z2xhe.png

    That is what I got. I was curious as how you were able to get the lines to blur out so well? Unless, you did the transparent gradient tool to each individual line.. now that is dedication!

    Svelte UI, btw, lol is my WOW UI that I made :P Anywho, thanks for the awesome tutorial! I will be trying to make a sig next :)

    Do about 2 lines per layer, this makes fading them out a lot easier

  2. I made the bullet.. Then took it one step further.


    I made lines (3px) going around the edge of the bullet for the air effect.

    I then made the flames coming from the back of the bullet using 2px lines starting from red, moving along the HSV to yellow.

    I then opened up Dents and turned roughness to the top, quality to the top and tension about 75% of the way. I then used transparent linear gradient and motion blur on the bullet and lines.

    The font I used for my name is Trashco and can be found on


    Same thing sorta with a sort of spacescape and dents instead of frosted glass on the bullet outlines


  3. I must say this is an excellent tutorial.. Simple, yet effective.

    I made it slightly differently from the tutorial's steps.. I think the outcome is pretty good.



    Second attempt.. I think I like this one better.



    Third attempt.. This time I rendered an army member and placed it in.

    This sig was for my friend.


    I dedicate my gfx life to proving that PDN can produce just as good results as Photoshop!

    My friend, when showed these, did actually believe they were made in photoshop.

    Just goes to show, PDN produces just as good, if not better results than Photoshop.

    PDN ftw!

  4. Sorry for having more than 1 thread, I should have read the rules before posting, not after.

    Could a mod delete/lock the other threads?

    Anyway, here are all of my things in one place.

    Planet in space:

    Hidden Content:
    100% PDN

    Hi, this is a relatively simple creation using Add Noise, Outline Object, Shape3D, Fire! And Moire (The texture thing).

    I may post a tutorial if people would like me to do so.

    The reason I made this is simply because I haven't used PDN in a while and thought I'd have a little play around. :P

    (Resized from 1280x1024 to 800x600)


    All comments welcome!

    My PDN render:

    Hidden Content:
    Hey there! A friend of mine asked me if I could render an image for him and I thought I'd give it a go.

    Then, to my surprise, came out one of my best renders yet!

    (Apart from a few blue bits on the outline)

    Many thanks to BoltBait for his Feather Plugin

    Original Image:

    Image is down

    Rendered Image:

    Save the image as a png file to your computer and you can use it in your sig etc..


    Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat

    No Signal:

    Hidden Content:
    Images 100% PDN (Animation done in unfreez)

    It's a bad day outside....


    But we can still watch TV!


    No signal.

    It's not the perfect day today.

    (I made this purely out of boredom.)


    Hidden Content:
    100% PDN (Except for the grass)

    I've always been a fan of drawing custom operating systems so I decided to draw one and name it after myself!

    The result of 5 minutes hard work was TrueOS.


    The only plugins used in this was outline object and the bevel selection plugin.

    Thanks for viewing!

  5. This is your second thread and you're only supposed to have one. So, the one where it says "PDN Render" you should put all your work there and not create new threads. :)

    Yeah ^_^

    I just read the stickies. I'll put everything into one thread.

  6. Nice use of Moire, the mathematic ad scientific principles behind it have alway fascinated me. Although, I do think it's a little more like a dosco ball than a planet, if you don't mind my saying so. I look forward to seeing more work from you.


    I did think the planet looked a little... Funky? Lol.

    I forgot to mention I used the Fire! Effect to make it that orange colour.