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  1. Window vista I guess... I tried to run with administrator rights but it was still not working.
  2. hi, I just installed the new version of PdN, I wanted to make a HDR image, and I saw that my old curve+ wasn't recognized anymore. I downloaded the new one just a few minutes ago but PdN crash when I try to use it. here is the pdncrash.log file's content: Hidden Content: Ce fichier texte a été créé car Paint.NET a rencontré un incident.Veuillez envoyer ce fichier dans un message électronique à l'adresse crashlog@getpaint.net de façon à ce que nous puissions diagnostiquer et résoudre le problème. Application version: Paint.NET v3.5 (Final Release build 3.50.3596.41598) Time of cras
  3. Here is mine, i tried to make my own by doing some changes:
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