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  1. OMG! That just made me think about Monster Bash!!!! Did anyone else play that game?? That was my all time favourite game growing up. It took over commander keen in my opinion.
  2. Erik, It not only evens out, it works better when we do not limit ourselves to predefined roles. In my case, I like to cook (particularly in my outdoor kitchen). My wife is an avid huntress (particualrly for deer.) The result is that we both do something that we like and end up with excellent food on the table.
  3. You could try to use the "Adjust>Hue-Saturation_Lightness" tool to adjust the overall color of the picture. There really is no easy way to do this, you would have to make selections or masks for each part of the image you want to change and then use the Hue-Saturation-Lightness tool to change the colors.
  4. This is cool and I hope to try it out.
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