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  1. FL Studio (wiki this) Welcome to the forums.
  2. Don't worry, I will. Trying to get my brother on Hulk, but he really doesn't like the "drop" (what he calls it) of roller coasters. He's 11. We tell him Hulk has no drop, but he still says it does and refuses to go on it. Can't wait to go eat at Mel's Diner. Ya'kno they took out the big oak tavern thing in lost continent?? They completely tore it down, it was the best place to eat too. For like 8 dollars you could get a huge turkey leg, ear of corn, a biscuit, a bunch of fries, a drink. Man, I'm gonna miss that place.. use to be my favorite place to go eat at after a good 8 times on DD.
  3. Happy Birthday man. Hope ya have a good one. :wink:
  4. I almost stopped reading there.. that'd been bad.
  5. I was asking what I need to do to it. Who would you say is best on this forum at this style of sigs, with stocks and renders. I'm new, so I have no clue. Might PM 'em for some tips.
  6. I've been getting hooked on these space scapes by Greg Martin. So what I've tried is to make them in photoshop to get a feel for them, then try to replicate it in paint.net. My new dA is here, so watch me to keep updates on my progress. You can see how my first try was a failure. But with some time I'll get use to making planets. In other news, going to universal studios orlando today. I love having annual passes there and living like 30 minutes from city walk.
  7. I finally got around to making a dA. http://hypopyh.deviantart.com/ Note: Most of the art that will be in there will be photoshop. My paint.net work will be in my soon-to-come gallery here on the forum.
  8. You may wish to remove those explicit photos, for this is a FFF. Family Friendly Forum
  9. So I am determined. I will be trying to develop and release my first website within 14 days. I will design and (hopefully) code it myself. I will give myself the first few days to get to know the programs and the script, then I'm jumping into design, then the code, then release. If you wish to support, I will get a preview up to where you can sign the support book. Any ideas on the name?
  10. You may want to read the rules, especially number 23:
  11. I use Photoshop for other things that would take way too much time in PdN, when I have little time. But mainly paint.net.
  12. Nevermind, you have to have seen BttF to understand it. I was never here.
  13. I've been using it for 2 years. It gets easy after a month or so. Then it gets harder to understand more complex concepts like 3d, etc.
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