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  1. I tried to make a new sig too. Some constructive criticism is appreciated. With name: Without name: Thanks
  2. Thanks Chris and Axle! I've been into Paint.net for a while now but not that long in making signatures. I'd really like to learn how to make some nice signatures. About the text. Any tips of how I can include text into a sig? (blending modes/positions/colors?) Thanks!
  3. Something I just tried. I'd really like some constructive criticism. I have so much to learn. Thanks!
  4. I'd like to have some criticism on this. I'm still learning so I'd really love to get some tips.
  5. Hello. I'd like to know what you guys think of the sig I made. I haven't been making sigs for too long so I could use some tips. Thanks!
  6. Nice tutorial. Very easy with a nice outcome.
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