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  1. `The Normal Tools V1.3 (IN DEV) will contain an effect called "The Normal Stripper" which will be able to break or strip out the height / bump map, the Specularity map, the Reflect map and the Invert map from a preexisting normal map. This will allow users to use blender to bake a normal map in blender (to minimize geometry) and then edit that normal map in PDN (to maximize the artistry). I may also include one or two more normal inversion types in "The Normalizer", as well. I am currently banging my head against the algorithm for converting the normal map into a bump map. Goujosamma Some basic Normal Map Theory (non technical and no math) http://www.fileswap.com/dl/DkiNJLhgDi/N_Maps_and_Bumps.pdf.html
  2. Thank ya, Thank ya, Wrote it for Skyrim modding. Didn't want to learn gimp.. Now I do all my texture work in PDN which is my #1 image editor of all time! Thanx to all who contribute to PDN All hail BoltBait
  3. The Normal Tools is a suit of pluggins which allow for the creation of Normal Map images. Full control over specularity (alpha of Normal Map), and reflectivity (length of normal) is ensured through the use of separate grey scale maps for each of these data channels. When these Maps are combined with your bump map you have full control of every element of an expert quality Normal Map. 180 degree normal inversion is controlled via the alpha channel of the input image. If all this sound intimidating, have no fear! The Normal Tools comes complete with a 27 page Users Guide which will take you step by step through the process of making a Normal map that a professional game developer would be proud to call their own. Unfortunately the Guide is to big to post to this forum due to it containing 75 images most likely so you can get the Guide HERE The full package can be downloaded from the SkyrimNexus HERE, in a single download PDNV1_1.zip
  4. Hopefully I can post this, had some tech issues last time. so heres my late entry, I hopa U like! GS
  5. Dude! Mad'jik really says it all, but, if you're so good,(and it's obvious that you are) why the under skill'd sig? I bet you sneezed that out in like five secs. I don't get it. Brag a little, why dontcha. you earned it you know. GS
  6. Nice work! esp liked love letters & Magic Roams Free. If your new at this then I must be artistically retarded. worse things to be I suppose. well, keep up the awesome work and I'll keep looking at it. oh, and check out hellens gall, theres a few in there I think you'll like
  7. well, thought I'd check out your art. Liked space the best. you might consider adding a faint bit of noise to the planet, to make it look a bit less plastic. Not that it's not tight as is. like the landscape to. GS
  8. A: thanks for checking out my vast body of work LOL B: do you mean I should blur the part inside the fire, outside the fire, or just in general?
  9. Ha Haaa, my winamp skins will be complete... You sir, are now a god. Wear it well. GS
  10. Not to sound ungrateful, but could you point out (for us noobs) that if you haven't saved a palette, the proper folder will not exist to extract your palette to? I stupidly wasted about 5 min. (even thought it may be a hidden folder,etc) otherwise thanx a million for all the great estuffe. GS
  11. :shock: Wow, sailboat in moonlight is beautiful! I think I spent five minutes just looking at the details of the luminosity here and there. I'm generally a realism compulsive, but theres a few bedtime stories in that one. how did you do the lighting in the leaves? It is outstanding. well, actually they're all nice, very clean, production quality. Do you use the glossies for something, or are they just fun? GS
  12. While searching Download.com for a way to regain use of all my .AVIs, found the new version of PDN. Been happy with v2.61 for years, but it's good to stay current. WoW, have I been missing out. So, let the fun begin... here is my first attempt- I call this one Hekkas, Hekkas... Pyrotechus! Posed the hand with Daz2.3, exported then rendered with blender2.46, all flame and layering is strictly PDN! I think I can finally put down my Project Dogwaffle filter workhorse! Heres one I did for some friends in a local band. the logo and face were from their original poster, I did the flames and the motion blur etc.
  13. ooo, crimson, All very cool particularly the last sig and sharringan! Do I smell a fellow rat? Ha Ha. The kunai is sharp to. GS
  14. WOW!! like that first one very Samurai Jackish. is that a plug in that you used for those fractals? if so pls msg me the name? Just downloaded the new PDN and so I keep detting lost in all the avail plugins. Thnx fer the gall, nice stuff. GS
  15. Sounds like fun, wish I could play, but I got nuttin' GS P.S. if you disbelieve, try it yourself. its depressing... isn't it.
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