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    Electrostatics, Chi gung, thermodynamics, Numbers theory, taoism, General Physics theory, the Qabalah, Animae, and navel lint.

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  1. Dude! Mad'jik really says it all, but, if you're so good,(and it's obvious that you are) why the under skill'd sig? I bet you sneezed that out in like five secs. I don't get it. Brag a little, why dontcha. you earned it you know. GS
  2. Ha Haaa, my winamp skins will be complete... You sir, are now a god. Wear it well. GS
  3. Not to sound ungrateful, but could you point out (for us noobs) that if you haven't saved a palette, the proper folder will not exist to extract your palette to? I stupidly wasted about 5 min. (even thought it may be a hidden folder,etc) otherwise thanx a million for all the great estuffe. GS
  4. :shock: Wow, sailboat in moonlight is beautiful! I think I spent five minutes just looking at the details of the luminosity here and there. I'm generally a realism compulsive, but theres a few bedtime stories in that one. how did you do the lighting in the leaves? It is outstanding. well, actually they're all nice, very clean, production quality. Do you use the glossies for something, or are they just fun? GS
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