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  1. Problems about what ? Plugins ? They normally works on Vista...What is the problematic plugin ?
  2. Select the "Move Selected Pixels" tool (or simply press M). There sould be some little black circles with a white outline near your selection. Click on the lower-right one and drag it a bit.
  3. ^ Liar. < Doesn't want ice cream v Likes Japanese food ?
  4. I was using the plugin with a big image...and I found a bug in the zoom. When you zoom, the image appears zoomed in or zoomed out, but if you try to use a brush..The plugins only shows a zoomed image, but if you click anywhere, it's like if it wasn't zoomed. Example : Zoom 100% I put a symbol in 200 ; 200 Works correctly. Zoom 200% I put a brush in 200 ; 200 The brush appears in 400 ; 400.... Zoom 50% I put a brush in 200 ; 200 The brush appears in 100 ; 100.... ...And the coordinates that are showing in the lower-left corner are totally wrong ! I used the Grid/Checkerboard maker plugin with 50 for both width and height of the squares. When zoomed 200%, the lower-right corner of the first square is 100 ; 100 and it's 25 ; 25 when zoomed 50%.... The plugin only shows a zoom, but nothing else. It continues to work like if the image wasn't zoomed.
  5. Go to http://www.imageshack.us, upload your image, then copy/paste the "Hotlink for Forums" text into your sig :wink:
  6. You can't add a tool in the tools window...And what is a magnetic selector ?
  7. If I correctly understand you : Use the Magic Wand to select the transparent area (it appears as a checkerboard in PDN), and then Ctrl + I to invert selection. You should have your head selected. And after the enlargement, use BoltBait's Feather effect to soften your edges if needed.
  8. Use Ctrl Shift F instead of "Merge layer down", it should work.
  9. Looks bad....Ultra-pixelated render, and the barcode and text are too bright :oops: And a border would be great^^ 6/10
  10. ^ Maybe a liar < Has XP and doesn't know if he likes Vista :o v Likes Windows 7 ?
  11. ^ The dolphins are in Kyoto Hidden Content: Stupid joke about the Gamecube's codename. < likes stupid jokes... v Likes stupid jokes too ?
  12. Simon, you didn't do any wish :oops: I wish I had all plugins translated in French.
  13. You have, but you must use a pre-beta of IE 0.1...... I wish I had Windows 8 (=
  14. PDN is first on the top downloads from CrystalXP.net (~100'000).....Even if the version you can download is the 3.05 >_> I just posted a thread about it on the French forum.
  15. Firefox. Indiana Jones or Star Wars ?
  16. What's the name of the effect ? And by "site for the plugin download", do you mean the PDN forum ?
  17. ^ Oui ! < speaks italian v don't learn/speak italian
  18. ^ is right < doesn't like his French teacher v doesn't learn french ?
  19. ^ is right < wants to destroy his metronome >.< v plays an instrument ?
  20. ^ Is wrong < Think you used Alt+XXX code v Doesn't know how to make Enormator's arrows ?
  21. I've noticed that if you draw anything in Transitional Mode, click OK and later re-use the plugin, it will show Transitional Mode to be used, but if you draw something, it's in Normal mode. It isn't really a problem, because if you click on Normal mode icon and then reclick on transitional mode icon it works well, but... [EDIT] Oh, and I read the Update Log you posted on the first message...You say there's a translation in French, but the plugin is in English on my computer... (and there's only the en-US xml in the language folder). I obviously have Paint.NET in French^^
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