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  1. Thanks, I am a bit weary of posting it here although I really want to, so I will post it on my site, MWHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! (jk) But it's more like for super-beginners.... who just want to do SOMETHING without installing plug-ins or going through complicated steps that don't work for them. -Lava
  2. What I mean is, in the Tutorial Publishing section of the forums, how many clicks is "too little/easy"? Like, the project can't be done with only "a few clicks"... how many clicks is that supposed to be? Actually, I'm quite embarrassed here and this is, I believe, my second-ever post here at the forums, so please cope with my "newb-ness"! Thank you for your "understanding" answers. 8) -Lavaster
  3. Perhaps you could try doing it without a plug-in. Try picking a color from the color palette (maybe open another window/internet explorer and find an image with the sun effect, for a reference) and changing the Alpha/Transparency to, maybe, 50% or less. Then, select the Circle tool and create a small circle where you want it. Choose a different color and do the same thing, except making that new circle overlap the first one. Well, that's what I'd do!
  4. Hi, I play a game called The Sims 2 and I set it up in windows mode so that it would be easier to take pictures of the game. (Print screen.) However, I made a few creations and I want to upload it to a site but every time I resize the picture to a size that the site allows, the picture gets WAAAY too small. The max. size is 150 KB. Is it because of the original picture size or is there another way to get the picture exactly how I want it? (The site requires that the photos aren't so small that you can't see the creations, as well.) Thanks! -Lavaster Edit: Nevermind, I'm new to the forums and I just happened to find another way around this. Thanks to Simon, anyway!
  5. You know what? The instructions were CLEAR, but I tried them and it totally just messed my picture up. Arggg, I don't see how this is easy. At all. Edit: And somehow everyone else seems to get it right... I'm just following the instructions perfectly, step by step!
  6. LOL Well, Stephan, that sounds like a really fun game; where can I buy or pick it up? However... I don't like intense bleeding. I like seeing people choke and die. Sometimes I stuff lead in their scrambled eggs. Is there a way to put the settings so that people cough up goo or blood??? JK This thread is actually kinda interesting....
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