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    uhm in hidden sand village,chilling with Gaara
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    paint dot net!duh

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  1. Hay guise im back...was away due to aids(not realli)
  2. hey i made new a artwork i remade my winamp skin
  3. Thanx Cola your sig is quite kwl, but i reali like your avatar its awesome
  4. woah nice um bird-dog-chameleon
  5. Thanx D3z ,but the colours are pretty much just a multi-colour gradient...
  6. hey i know it been a while but i've been kind of busy ... anyway i make a new pic ps tnx jedi12 for the comment
  7. haha love the potato 8) and all your other work as well keep up the awesome work
  8. hey thanks every1 for the comments I haven't really been busy on anything new ,but i managed to make another pic with a fractal ...enjoy it
  9. Thanks D3z appreciate the comment i should be making some new art soon...
  10. wow D3z, really liking that spore pic :o ...you should make a tut for it.
  11. MY GALLERY um i dnt have a name for this..so hows 'blue thing' for now... im thinking of using this for a new sig.. this is some stock i got from my friend..i used it in the edit below this is just the edit GreenWarp:well its a green warp :shock: this is a purple version of green warp this is something i made from a fractal(chaoscope)
  12. *POOF*You get your iPhone,but it turns out it is a mind control device set to make all iPhone users comit a mass suicide.. I wish i was better at this..
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